Laws and Legislations in Cambodia 

The following are a list of viewable and downloadable laws, legislations and royal decrees that are associated with natural resources (environment, land, water, fishery, forestry etc.) in CambodiA. 

please feel free to write to us and let us know about the laws we may have overlooked.


The Secretariat of Environment shall be responsible for managing and supervising the development and protection of natural areas, including the protection of environment, land, forestry, wetland and coastal areas. The Secretariat of Environment shall have the right to create and chair appropriate committees in order to co-ordinate inter-ministerial activities both at the political and technical level.

The management and supervision of the protected natural areas of the nation shall be the responsibilities of the Secretariat of Environment in co-operation with other competent relevant institutions. 

The Khmer version is the official version of this document. 


The purpose of this law is to protect and promote the environmental quality, assess the environmental impact of all proposed projects prior to the issuance of a decision by the Royal Government, use of the natural resources of the Kingdom of Cambodia, to encourage and enable the public to participate in environmental protection and natural resource management and to suppress any acts that cause harm to the environment.

This Unofficial translation provided by the UNDP-funded Environmental Technical Advisory Program.


The purpose of this Sub-decree subjects an environmental impact assessment (EIA) be done on every project and activity, private or public and it shall be reviewed by the Ministry of Environment before being submitted to the Royal Government for decision.

This Sub-decree applies to every proposed project and activities and existing and in-process, private, joint- venture and public projects that listed in an Annex of this Sub- decree, except projects deemednecessary to react to a declared state of emergency and approved by the Royal Government. 


This law was aimed to regulate the water pollution control in order to prevent and reduce the water pollution of the public water areas. This sub-decree applies to all sources of pollution and all activities that cause pollution of the public water areas. 


This sub-decree shall determine the management of and apply to all forest harvesting activities and, forest concession agreements approved by the Royal Government of Cambodia.


The purpose of this sub-decree is to protect the quality of the environment quality and public health from air pollutants and noise disturbance through monitoring, curbing and mitigating activities.

This sub-decree applies to all movable sources and immovable sources of air pollution and noise disturbance. 


The purpose of this law is to determine the management and exploitation of mineral resources, the manipulation of mines and all activities relating to the mining operation in the Kingdom of Cambodia (save for the mining operation of petroleum and gas which shall be under a separate law).

The Khmer version is the official version of this document. 


This law has the objective to determine the regime of ownership for immovable properties in the Kingdom of Cambodia for the purpose of guaranteeing the rights of ownership and other The Khmer version is the official version of this document. 


This law defines the framework for management, harvesting, use, development and reservation of the forests in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

The purpose of this law is to ensure the sustainable management of forests for their social, economic and environmental benefits, including conservation of biological diversity and cultural heritage. 


This Sub-Decree aims at determining rules for the establishment, management and use of community forests throughout the Kingdom of Cambodia. 


The goal of this Sub-Decree is the determination of the rules and legislative procedures for and managing community fisheries throughout the Kingdom of Cambodia. 


This Sub-decree is to define procedure establishment classification and registration of permanent forest estate in order to organize and manage sustainable forest land and forest resource in line with the policy and the national forest management plan. 


The objectives of this sub-decree are to determine the criteria, procedures, mechanisms and institutional arrangements for initiating and granting new economic land concessions; for monitoring the performance of all economic land concession contracts; and for reviewing economic land concessions entered into prior to the effective date of this sub decree for compliance with the Land Law of 2001. 


This royal decree gives all Khmer citizens have the right joint together to establish community fisheries. The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries shall have general jurisdiction over management of community fisheries.

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The general purpose of this Law is to foster the effective and sustainable management of the water resources of the Kingdom of Cambodia to attain socio-economic development and the welfare of the people. 


This law aims to ensure fisheries and fishery resource management, enhance aquaculture development, the management of production and processing, and to promote the livelihood of people in local communities for the social-economic and environmental benefits, including the sustainability of the conservation of biodiversity and natural culture heritages in the Kingdom of Cambodia. 

This is an unofficial translation unofficial translation distributed by the Fisheries Administration, Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries, supported by ADB/FAO TA Project on Improving the Regulatory and Management Framework for Inland Fisheries.


The purpose of this Law is to manage and control the breeding, release for use, production, processing, registration, distribution, import and export of seeds and to protect new plant varieties and to secure the management and sustainable development of varieties and to encourage the development thereof for social, economic, and environmental benefits in the Kingdom of Cambodia. 


This law deals with prevention, adaptation and mitigation in the pre-disaster period, due to natural or human-made causes, emergency response during the disaster and recovery in the post-disaster period. This law has the extent to cover the natural or human-made disaster management activities in the Kingdom of Cambodia. 

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