The Learning Institute is now seeking an experienced, creative and proactive candidate (Cambodian or International based in Cambodia or SEA region) to work with the Learning Institute team in the role of Proposal, Reporting and Grants Manager.


The learning institute works at GRASS-ROOT levels by supporting local communities who depend on natural resources for their livelihood. 

AN IMPORTANT ASPECT that the organization values is to maintain A GOOD RAPPORT AND working relationship with the local communities.

trust and collaboration is highly valued because Ultimately, the challenges FACED and victories ACHIEVED are shared in equal measure.

The greatest reward is to see the change that wAS made possible and that is what continues to drive the organization.


 For the committed individual, The Learning Institute offers challenging and unique experiences within the role AS WELL AS A CHANCE TO LEARN SOME NEW SKILLS. 

the project officers and research staff have primary approach on the working projects giving them the opportunity to make IT THEIR OWN.

our interns and volunteers are also encouraged to assist the staffers in the field not just for EXPERIENCE but also to gain a first-hand view and an in-depth knowledge about what the ORGANIZATION does out of the office.


the learning institute office is based in phnom penh, the capital city of cambodia.

with a friendly, welcoming environment and the unique cultural CHARACTERISTICS while also embracing the new, phnom penh IS QUICKLY TRANSFORMING INTO one of the most eclectic cities in Southeast Asia.

a city of expats, phnom penh plays home to INDIVIDUALS and families from all over the world. some have come and never left while others always find an excuse to make their way back.