Enhancing Climate Change Adaptation Capacity Of Rural Communities Living in the Voat Ta Meum Commune, battambang province (2016 - 2017)



The Learning Institute’s project in the Voat Ta Meum Commune is funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) by way of its implementing partner Plan International.

The Learning Institute represented the only research organization among the 19 Cambodian Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) participating in the Mainstreaming Climate Resilience into Development Planning (MCRDP-2) project entitling the learning institute to support MCRDP-2 in an ongoing research regarding climate resilience in development approaches.

Voat Ta Muem, 11 kilometres south-east of the capital Battambang City (Northwest Cambodia), is located in the Sangkae District. A reference to the river with the same name, the Sangkae stream marks the Western boundary of the Commune area. 

Restored Canal.jpg

The objectives of this project is to assess the sustainability of current initiatives in Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) practices and planning in terms of water management, engage in participatory Water Management planning and corresponding capacity building to assess potential solutions, identify and plan activities for strengthening the water management system and implementing suitable CCA practices in the vulnerable households, pilot the implementation of selected activities under the Water Management Plan for strengthening the Water Management system and implementation of adaptations practices.

This project will also concentrate on implementing ‘hard interventions’ such as restoration of canals or mechanisms for water supply, diversification of farming practices and improved technologies for measuring and/or reducing water use.
there is also a need to identify CCA activities applicable to the current context, and to integrate their planning and implementation into the Commune Investment Plan (CIP) for execution and management beyond the project end date.