What is The Learning Institute?

Over a decade of governance decentralization processes in Cambodia, LI’s National and International researchers have worked in 19 Provinces of Cambodia, supporting rural communities who depend on natural resources for their livelihoods – across agriculture, forestry, and fisheries.

LI seeks change from the ‘bottom-up’ by engaging local stakeholders, both community members and government authorities, as participants in Action Research projects based on Landscape Approach principles, to develop more collaborative, integrated and sustainable NRM in Cambodia.

It publishes and shares its research project outcomes, at sub-national, national and regional levels, and informs ‘top-down’ national policy reform processes through membership to various Technical Working Groups.

Does LI offer internship and/or volunteering programs? 

LI does not have a formal program, but does occasionally accept volunteers or interns who write to us to express an interest.

If there is a good match between an individual’s skill-set and LI’s current needs across Field Research, Finance and Administration, Media and IT, there may be an opportunity for you to work with the organization so feel free to send in your CV and cover letter at:

Should there be an opening, we will get in touch with you.


Can I apply for a full-tme job with LI if I am not Cambodian?

While the majority of LI staff are Cambodian Nationals, certain positions are held by International staff members.

All LI vacancies are advertised on the website as well as local and global sites (BongThom and

The job description will specify whether the role is intended for and/or open to International candidates.

How is LI Funded?

LI receives funding for specific projects through competitive proposal submission processes.

We value integrity and transparency and as our primary role is to promote learning and create informed dialogues and advocacy, our accounts are made available to all key stakeholders.

You can view a comprehensive breakdown of our funds in our Annual Reports.


Can my organization partner with LI?

LI is open to discussing possible partnering on a project, at the stage of submission of Concept Note or Letter of Interest to a donor. However, LI will only consider partners and projects in line with its values, guiding principles and approach.

For further information and partnership and/or project discussions, you can get in touch with Srey Marona, our Executive Director: and Shalini, our Funding and Program Manager:

I work with the press. How do I reach the organization for a comment and/or interview or further information?

Please forward all media-related queries to Shalini, our Funding and Program Manager at:


How do I stay updated about the organization? 

You can follow us on our social platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Our newsletter The LI Quarterly is also a great way for you to be updated about the organization and the work that we do. As a quarterly newsletter, you will receive a bulletin of not just reports and news but also special stories from the field once every three months. You can sign up today to stay in touch.


How do I find information about LI's past and present work and projects?

Each of our current running projects have their own pages in our website which will continue to be updated as they progress. Read about our projects regarding Community Fisheries Management, Climate Change Adaptation and Sustainable Fisheries Conservation

Alternately, you can also read our Project Reports.